Lord, help!

A few months ago I had something of an epiphany. I realised that one reason why many of my prayers weren’t being answered was that I was probably praying for the wrong things. My prayers would go something like this: ‘Lord, I’m having a tough time in this situation. Please make it better.’

I’m sure you’ve prayed prayers like that, too. Perhaps you’ve been having a tough time with your boss at work, and you’ve been praying your boss would stop giving you such a hard time. Or maybe you’ve recently lost your job, and you’ve been praying that you’ll quickly find another position. Or maybe you’re not really getting much out of the preaching in church, and you’ve been praying that your pastor would preach better sermons. Or perhaps you’ve got a friend who’s still not converted, and you’ve been praying that God would really speak to her. Continue reading