About me

I’m originally from Wrexham in North Wales and spent many happy hours on the terraces of the oldest professional football club in Wales. Nowadays trips to the Racecourse are rare, although thankfully, Shâron (my South Walian wife) is happy to make the trip with me a few times each season, when I get time off from pastoring Bethel Evangelical Church in Clydach. Prior to that, I worked for the Evangelical Movement of Wales doing everything from IT support, database administration, producing marketing materials and writing policy documents.  I trained at Union School of Theology in Bridgend, where I’ve also done some teaching and research on the gift of prophecy in the New Testament. In my spare time, I enjoy web coding, and I’m the author of the WordPress Sermon Browser plugin. This site brings together most of the articles I’ve written for the Evangelical Magazine, of which I’m the editor and web developer.